Creating form from same table after deleting old one

I was following the 4 - Create Forms | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers guide to create a form.

I created a form for Exchange Table but I deleted it. Now I am not able to create the form for Exchange table again.

It gives error

"Failed to insert updated record for table

System Error : UNIQUE constraint failed: iMenu.iApplicationKey, iMenu.MenuID"

Hi Shweta,

thanks for asking the question!

Could you please go to Visual > Menus, and find the menu item called Exchanges. Please delete this menu item. Once you have deleted it, you can create the form again.

For your explanation, when you create a new form inside Five, Five will automatically create a menu item. If you then delete the form and try to create it again, there will be an existing menu that has the exact same name as the new menu item you’re creating. That’s why you’re receiving an error.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the answer and explanation.