What is the quickest way I can add a form?

Once I have my tables established in Five, what is the quickest way I can add a form?

Hi codeit,

You can quickly add a form for your application by using Five’s Form Wizard. Once you have selected a table our Form Wizard will:

  1. Automatically name your form.
  2. Create a menu item for your form so it can be selected in your application.
  3. Create the first page of your form.
  4. List all the fields in your table.
  5. Populate table-level definitions.
  6. Refer to any saved forms where a relationship has been created.

The below video gives you a quick demonstration on how to use Five’s Form Wizard to add a form quickly into your application.


  1. Select Forms in the menu.

  2. Click the New Form Wizard button in the list app bar.

  3. Click the lookup icon in the Main Table field and select a table.

  4. Click the Next button.

  5. If any extra field definitions are required you can add and edit here.

  6. Click the Save button in the Form Wizard app bar.