Display form directly without displaying list


I want to display only the form, not the list table. How can I achieve that?

For example, I have a form to update the user profile, in this case, I don’t want user to see the list. It should directly open the user profile form when clicked on edit profile from the menu.

In this link, in the info it’s mentioned that

The first field you save for a form will be included in the list by default. You can unselect this field, however, at least one field will need to be included in the list.

So is it not possible to add a form without a list?


Hi shweta,

Yes, you can make it that when a user logs into their account they only see their profile without a list, however, you would first need to create their profile and then only allow them to update and read the record in the future. If you give them the ability to create the first profile record it will automatically go into the list. To demonstrate this I am going to use the iUser table that Five automatically creates for you when you turn your application into a multiuser application.

In case you are not aware of the iUser table, I’ll give you a quick explanation. When you create a multiuser application, Five creates the iUser table, the Users form, and the Users menu, this allows you to add users into your end-application straight away.

The link you are looking at only explains how to add a List page type, it won’t help you to just add a form without a list.

In the image below, at the table-level you can see that there are three tables Product, UserProduct, and iUser (created by Five).

In the image below, at the form-level you can see there are four forms created. Both the Settings form and the Users form are using the iUser table shown in the two images below.

In the image below, in the Menus view, you can see the Settings menu item and it is holding the Settings form and it has the ClientMenu as its parent.

In the image below, you can see in the Roles view, the Client role created only has access to the Client Menu and the iUser table is used in the Security Table field and the User Table field. These two fields are used together so that when a client logs into their account, they will only see information pertaining to them and not another users account.

In the image below, you can see the Client role has only been given permission to update and read the iUser table.

If I run the app and sign in as the administrator of the system, I can see everything available in the app including the Client Menu. In the User Products menu under the Client Menu you can see both Mary and Peter have a product.

The Settings menu item holds the Settings form which Mary or Peter could update and read in their account.

The Users menu item holds the Users form and this is where you as admin would need to create the initial record as Mary and Peter do not have the ability to create a record in their account to prevent a list from appearing. You would also need to assign the role of Client to them.

Now if I log out as admin and login as Mary you can see that only Mary’s products are visible, she can not see Peter’s products.

The Settings menu item holds the Settings form and because you have taken away the Create permission, Mary can only update and read her profile. This will prevent a list from appearing.

A couple of important points to remember:

  1. If you are using Five’s Users form, you can edit this form and add extra fields that you may need. I strongly recommend not deleting any fields that you do not want to show in your application but just to hide the fields so that they will not be visible in your application.
  2. If you are not using the iUser table and are using one you created you will need to supply values to the User Table Key Field and the User Table Name Field on the Roles form. It is only when you are using Five’s iUser table you do not require values in these fields as Five just knows.

If you would like this app for reference please email me at jo@five.co and I will send it to you.

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