How to create relationship?

Hello, this is my first steps in Five. In the tutorial video “How to Create a Many-to-Many Relationship in Five”, there is a panel called “relationship” with a plus sign in order to add new relations. In my application, I don’t have such panel, just a tab called “References” but no plus sign. Looks like an incomplete feature in a new version? How can I add new references like in the video? Thanks.

Hi Jean,

I am not sure why you do not see the button to add relationships, I reckon you might accidentally be under the “Tables” Menu instead of “Table Wizard”. If that’s not the case can you upload a screenshot of what you are seeing?

You are right, I was not under the table wizard. I start creating a table with the wizard this time and I can effectively now add a relationship. Many thanks!

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How can a relationship be created without using “Table Wizard”? i.e. How can I create a relationship for an existing table?

Hi BabaJahi,

That can be done through the “Tables” menu,

  • Click on "Data and then “Tables

  • It should show you a list of all your existing tables, click on one(make sure this table has a field for Foreign Key as Five will not generate the primary and foreign keys for existing tables)

  • Now, go to the “Indices” menu and click on add Indices which is shown by a “+” Icon.

  • In the “Indices Menu”, select “Foreign” as the key type and complete the necessary details such as Dependent Index, Foreign Key Table, etc.

  • Finally, click on “Index Fields” and select the field from your current table that corresponds to your Foreign Key.