How to add dropdown in form?


I want to know if we can add a dropdown to the form.
Let’s say we have a form to add new recipes. We need to select ingredients from the dropdown.

So I want to know these two things:

  1. Can we add a dropdown to the form, if yes, How?
  2. For the options in the dropdown can we get/(fetch) the data from another table? Like Ingredients Table


I think I found out how to do it.

Is this the correct link?

Hi shweta,

You can use that for now to help you, however, I’m putting together some extra information on creating lookups and will post this soon for you.

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Hi shweta,

Please refer to the following link for updated documentation on adding a lookup to a field and please keep an eye on this section of the documentation as more documentation will be added on how to use all of Five’s lookup display types.

_Lookup | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers

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Thank you!
This is helpful.

Also when we add a relationship to the database, what is the use of the parent checkbox?

Hi shweta,

I have added four links here for you. On each of these pages there is a video and documentation of every section in the Table Wizard. They are only short videos to watch and they run consecutively. Your main one you would want to watch is the third link - Create Parent Table Relationships.

If you specify a parent relationship the lookup can group the entries by the parent table.

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