Add query to Lookup?

I want to add a dropdown (lookup) to a form, but I don’t want to show all options.

For example, Consider I am adding a lookup for ingredients in form, I want to show ingredients of type=“Veg” from the Ingredient Table. How can I achieve this?

I saw that there is something called as LookupQuery but not sure if this is what I need to use.

Hi Shweta,

Yes, you are right this can be achieved through a LookupQuery. what you can do is:

  1. Go to Queries and create a query that displays the desired data (in this case, ingredients of type = ‘Veg’).

  2. Next, go to the form you wish to edit and add a field with a display type of ‘LookupQuery’. Once you set it as a lookup query, you will be you will get an extra field that allows you to attach a query to it. Simply attach the query you created in step 1, and the lookup should then display the desired results.