Unable to create a Table

Each time I tried to create a Table, I ge

t this error

Failed to execute SQL : Error 1060: Duplicate column name ‘Tableonekey’

System Error : Error 1060: Duplicate column name ‘Tableonekey’

Hi femi,

I can’t see the name of the column you are creating because the error message is sitting in front of it. Is the name of that column that you created called Tableonekey at all? If it is you will get this error when you try to save the table as our Table Wizard will create your primary key for you and it will be called the same name as your table and the suffix ‘key’ will be added to the end of the table name.

The Table Wizard is a fast way of adding tables into Five so we try to assist you by automatically configuring some of the definitions for you. If you would prefer to have complete control yourself, you can click the Add Item button next to the New Table Wizard button, this will give you access to the Table form where you will have complete control adding your fields and indices.