Accidentally Deleted Records

I’m new to Five (not to database/SQL). I’m building a simple relational database with just a few records. However, something occurred (I probably made a change to forms/data and then ran it) which deleted the records in one of the tables. The data itself is not important, but the fact that all records could be deleted is troubling. Any idea what could cause all records to be deleted? I don’t even see a facility for doing this intentionally from within Five. Additionally, is there a way to view the data from within Five?

Also, when I click on the form (while running), I get the message below. I have since added a new single record, and the error no longer appears (the original records are still gone).

Error : ErrDatabaseRecordNotFound

Message :

System Error :

Trace : impl_sql_dbapi_form.go:1783*SQLData).FormDataRetrieve << database_conn.go:75*DataBaseConnection).FormDataRetrieve << graphql_dbapi_formData.go:47 << graphql_dbapi_formData.go:392 << graphql_dbapi.go:608 << executor.go:652 << executor.go:304 << executor.go:281 << executor.go:189 << executor.go:78 << asm_amd64.s:1599 runtime.goexit <<

Query: query { dbapiFormData( actionKey: “e725bdd8-9c6c-4801-a45f-f0e7c5f7889f”, keys: [“ca4864de-2616-475f-a2fc-af3100bc4b30”], showDeleted: false, fiveVariables: “%7B%22five%22:%7B%22variable%22:%7B%7D,%22field%22:%7B%7D,%22metadata%22:%7B%7D,%22stack%22:%5B%5D,%22parameter%22:%7B%22electronRequestKey%22:%2254c56be2-0f7d-4874-b073-680ad5b19771%22%7D%7D,%22form%22:%7B%7D%7D”) { keys versionKey versionsExist urid permissions values { name value type } } }

Variables: “”

I’m reviewing the audit trail, and the record deletion occurred after I created a new field (in the table with deleted records), and then added an action button. If this helps at all.

Hi BabaJahi,

our support team will look into the error and get back to you.

To respond to your question “is there a way to view the data from within Five?”, you can do so by querying your database in Data > Queries.

Simply create a new query by

  1. Clicking the yellow Plus icon,
  2. Giving it a name in field Data Source ID, and
  3. Clicking on Click to add in the Query field.

This will open up a visual query designer. If you prefer writing SQL, click on SQL. To view your data, you can use standard SQL (i.e. SELECT * FROM …).

Alternatively, you can export your data as a CSV by clicking on Data > Tables, and then clicking on the Export Table to CSV button to the left of the yellow plus button.

Hope this helps!



Hi BabaJahi,

I am assuming that you clicked on the “Create Table” button, it basically creates a new schema of your table in the database, and in the process, it removes the records
This link talks about the Create Table button for your reference

If this is not the case, do let me know because that means something else is causing the records to be deleted and we can have a deeper look into this.

That’s exactly what happened. Thanks because the unintentional records deletion left me fairly uncomfortable. Although I would STRONGLY encourage a serious WARNING - there isn’t even an option to CANCEL the operation (OK/Cancel). Any destructive operation should be proceeded with a warning. This is incredibly poor design, especially for what appears to be a very good DB development system.

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