Alert Dialog That Just Says "Five!"

When I navigate to Queries, I often receive an alert dialog that just says Five! Any suggestions?

Hi Andrew,

We haven’t come across this issue previously. If it happens again, could you please send us a screenshot of the dialog box?

Hello @Pranoy ,

It seemed odd to me at the time, so I did capture a screenshot.

Pure guess, I would say it was a result of an ill-formed query.

At the time I think I was playing with the Queries functionality for the first time.

I went straight to the SQL tab, entered some very generic SQL (SELECT * FROM my-table-name LIMIT 100;), which returned a result set. I saved, but noted the fields were not defined under the fields tab.

I ran the app and the data did not load for that query.

I saw the alert, 3-4 times whilst I fixed the query.

Once the query was properly specified, and working in the app (very fast loading of 2000 rows after I removed the limit clause), the alert never returned.

So my guess is you do some QA parsing of the queries where your code found an error without a specific error message and just said “Five!”.

Basically a user error, but I guess those familiar with SQL might dive in a similar way without thoroughly reading the Queries docs first.

Kind regards, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the detailed response, and you are correct; it appears to be an empty user error.

The good news is that we attempted to replicate the error in our latest version, and it did not recur. We’ve made changes to how Five handles errors, so you should not encounter this issue in the newer version.

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