Some questions and problems (2/2)


1- Is there a way to make “Five” in French when in running mode. Not the dev.

2- Can we get rid of this warning on Mac OS (Firewall protection on incoming communication)? I have enabled “Five” in System Setting on ma Mac, but the message still popup each time.

3- When adding a button in a form, if we get back to modify it, the “Action Area” is empty. But in the list of buttons, it’s there.

4- In “Code Editor”, when I’m trying to use “Explain code” or “Check for Errors” I get this error: “OPENAI-KEY missing from your configuration.”. Where is that cnfg?

5- Missing CMD-A (select all) and CMD-Z (undo) shortcut on Mac OS when in a field.

6- When creating a new meeting record, I would like to automatically add all members to this meeting (many-to-many table). Best way to do so?

As always, I’m using a Mac OS computer.
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  1. You can put your application in French and Five will support it, simply by using French in the fields for captions and titles etc. The only non-French part would be the log in screen, we are looking into supporting other languages in the short term. In the longer term, Five is designed to be totally multi-lingual with full support with separation from captions to the application.

  2. We need to investigate this further as we have not come across this, are you able to tell us how your firewall has been configured to assist us?

  3. Five will be holding the value but is removing this from the field. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I will be notifying our QA team.

  4. To add your OpenAI key to Five, a valid subscription is required. We might not be as smart as OpenAI but if your code produces an error, please post it in our user community here and we will do our best to fix it for you!

In our free version, you can also use the Five Inspector to better understand your code. This is a pretty powerful tool, especially when used with Five’s log() function. To better understand how the Inspector works, please watch this video:

Generally speaking, Five is compatible with standard JavaScript or TypeScript, so you can also check your code in ChatGPT before pasting it into Five.

  1. We do not have keyboard shortcuts yet, but will in the near future.

  2. You can create a function to automatically add all members to a meeting and attach to the Do After Insert event on the table. The following link will give you some more information. Your context in the event would contain your meeting key, which you could access via for example.

Hi Jo-Anne,

Thank you for your answers.

1- There are some fields that we cannot change (Home button, Search caption, Total rows count, …). So French is not currently possible. Our country is really picky with the official language.

2- Mac OS, Big Sur v. 11.7.10

3- Repporting and getting bug fix quickly (or a workaround), is an important point for us.

4- OK, I understand.

5- Just to make sure, I’m not talking about user-defined shortcuts, but the defaults one from the OS that let us Select All (CTRL-A) and Undo last typing (CTRL-Z).

6- Great. I’m struggling with “how to loop” with the query results in the Five object, to do something with all returned values. Can’t find a sample code on the web site (JavaScript).

Have a nice day!


Point 1. We are currently writing a Chinese application, potentially we may have a solution. I will keep you posted on this.

Point 2. We have managed to get the issue ourselves, can you leave this one with us for further investigation. I will get back to you on this one.

Point 3. In regards to turn around of software issues, it all depends on the complexity and importance of the issue. Customers on paid plans have a higher level of support but all issues are reviewed according to severity.

Point 4. You understand.

Point 5. CMD-A and CMD-Z will work in our editors such as the code, sql and text editors, and in a form field if you highlight it first, however, CMD-Z does not work in a field on a form.

Point 6. The below snippet of code will print all customers and associated emails to the console.log

//Executes the query

const results = five.executeQuery(tx, ‘SELECT Name, Email FROM Customers’, 0);
if (results.isOk() === false ) {
return five.createError(tx, ‘Cannot query Customers’);

//Checks if we have records, if not returns and does nothing

if (results.getCount() === 0) {
return five.success(result);

// Print them all to the console.log

for (let i = 0; i < results.getCount(); i++) {
const name = results.values[i].Name;
const email = results.values[i].Email;
// do something with name and email, eg:
console.log(${name} has an email address of ${email});

Let me know if the above function is enough to assist you, have a great day and I will get back to you on point 2.

Hi Jo-Anne,

Point 1 to 4. OK

Point 5. When highlighting the field, all content gets selected. But if I move around with the cursor (nothing is now selected) and do a CMD-A. Nothing happens.

Point 6. Perfect.

Thank you.

Thanks for bringing Point 5 to our attention.

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We have fixed the warning on Mac OS and it will be in our next upgrade.

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