Need OpenAI key so JavaScript can be analyzed


New Five user. I’m building an app which has some JavaScript code. In the code window, when I click the “Check for Errors” button it says “OPENAI-KEY missing from your configuration”.

I am using the free version to develop my first application. One of the blogs, " How To Use The AI Assistant And Code Editor" says I need an OpenAI API key, which I have. It also says I need 1. Access to Five on the cloud (with a paid subscription).

Is this actually true? Like most people starting out, I can’t really justify a paid subscription until I make sure this will work for me to create my application. The Five website said I could download a fully functional program to develop my application, then only need to subscribe to host it on the web.

It seems a shame that I can’t check my code for errors without that API key. This seems like a catch-22.

Is this a mistake on my part, or is there a way to use my OpenAI API key to validate my code without having a paid subscription?

Hi @RMittelman, thanks for your question! To add your OpenAI key to Five, a valid subscription is indeed required. We might not be as smart as OpenAI but if your code produces an error, please post it in our user community here and we will do our best to fix it for you!

In our free version, you can also use the Five Inspector to better understand your code. This is a pretty powerful tool, especially when used with Five’s log() function. To better understand how the Inspector works, please watch this video:

Generally speaking, Five is compatible with standard JavaScript or TypeScript, so you can also check your code in ChatGPT before pasting it into Five.