Tools Menu Item


I have noticed that Five has a list of tools available under the Tools menu, could you please provide some information on how I can use these please?


Hi codeit,

Five has a number of tools available, these are designed to help you analyse, search, perform audit checks and make maintenance of your code easier.

The Code Analyser tool provides a full list of all the code you have written in Five for your application. The list will display the type of code, the code ID and the number of lines in the code block.

The Code Search tool enables you to search for strings in your code and will also provide the first line the string is used in the code.

The Form Code tool enables you to select a form in your application and Five will list all the functions attached to an event on the form along with the level it is set at. For example, form-level, field-level.

The Audit Trail tool enables you to have a full history of all code changes written in Five. It will display the code ID, the user, the type of action that was performed and the date and time the change occurred.

The series of videos attached will demonstrate how to use each of the tools.