From form wizzard to field list

Perhaps a silly question,…

If I make a form with the form wizard, there is a step where I can select the fields for a list view.
After running the wizard and managing the form, I cannot find where the specification of that list is. Where are they?

I can find the page that lists the fields of the detail view, but not the fields of the list that one sees when clicking on the menu item for the form. I want to edit that list because I changed my mind about what it should show.

Hi Frank,

This link will be helpful for you. It is about adding a form not using the Form Wizard. Instead of creating you will just be editing your current records.

Creating a Form in Five | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers

To edit a record perform the following:

  1. Select your form record in the list in the Forms view under the Visual menu.
  2. Click the Pages tab.
  3. Select your page record holding your fields.
  4. Click the Fields tab.
  5. Select the field record and on the form, you will see an Include in List switch. This is where you can edit each field to be included in the list or not.

Please note you have to have at least one field included in the list otherwise you won’t be able to save your changes.

Hi Jo-Anne,

Thank you for your pointer.

I managed to make what I wanted, but the linked page hasn’t answered my question. How do I access that list when the form is made with the wizzard? If there is no answer to that, then that means that the wizzard in it’s current form simply is a no-go for me because the result is not accessible enough for maintenance and change.

Hi Frank,

You can add a basic form via the form wizard as a quick start, then you can edit this record by selecting Visual in the menu and then Forms in the sub-menu. All your form records created by the form wizard will be listed here and you can now edit and maintain your form.

Currently, you can’t edit in the form wizard, is this what you are wanting to do?

Hi Jo-Anne,

my apologies, you did answer my question the first time. unfortunately, I didn’t read well.

No worries at all Frank!