Check Form setting

in the Quick Start Guide at 4 - Create Web Forms | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers
In step 4 and 5 it says:
4. Click the [ Req. checkbox ] for the { Name field }.
5. Click the [ List checkbox ] for the { Name field }.
Question: where do I go into the form and check whether I have set these setting correct?

Kind Regards,

Lars Jorgensen

Hi Lars,

I will use the Exchanges form in the Portfolio Application as an example on how you can find the defintions you set in the Form Wizard. Once a form is saved in Five either by the Form Wizard or by using the form, the record will become available in the list.

You want to see how to see the Required and List settings. Please follow the steps below to locate these definitions:

How to Locate Field Definitions Set in the Form Wizard

  1. Navigate to Forms.

  2. Select the Exchanges record in the list.

  3. Click the Pages tab.

  1. Select the General record.
    Note: This page was created automatically for you by the Form Wizard.

  1. Click the Fields tab.

  1. Select the Name record.
    Note: This list holds all the field records for the Exchanges form.

Here you can see that the Name feld is included in the list.

As you are working in Version 2 you will see the Required If field on the General page here as well and it has true written in the field, this is a JavaScript statement. I am using Version 2.1 so the Required If field is located on the Display tab.

Tip: You can edit any definitions on the form that were set in the Form Wizard!!!