Data import - Failed to find the operation type for field (ID)

I’m trying to import a .csv file but keep getting the error ‘Failed to find the operation type for field (ID)’.

Hi eprovin,

I think when you try to import this CSV into your database table, the CSV contains an extra field called ‘ID’ which is not being mapped to your database table. If you remove that column from the CSV and then import it, it should fix the issue.

If the error persists, can I know what your table looks like and the CSV you are using?

There is a field named ‘ID’, and it is being mapped to an Int field. I’ve tried mapping it to a text field instead, tried increasing the size of the field, made sure the field is not marked as Required, but nothing seems to be working.

Hi eprovin,

I have managed to reproduce your scenario. This seems to be our issue on our side, which we have already fixed and will be in our next release. To get around it for now, could you please change the name of your column in your CSV to be exactly the same as the name of the column in Five (including case sensitive) then Five will automatically map the field for you and you will be able to import your CSV. You can give it a data type of Integer again.

That did seem to work (I had to match every field name exactly, even upper/lower case). Now I’m on to the next error, which is ‘Error 1292: Incorrect date value: ‘1/1/1966’ for column ‘DateCollected’ at row 1’

DateCollected is formatted as a Date field in the csv, and in the table it’s set as a Date field, format ‘mm/dd/yyyy’, not required.

Any ideas how to get past this error?

Hi eprovin,

That’s great, you got that field sorted!

In regards to importing your date, you will need to change the formatting of your date field, it needs to be yyyy-mm-dd, like in the image below. Just be aware if your csv is saved in Excel and you open it again in Excel, Excel can possibly change your formatting again.

That worked - thanks!

Hi Eprovin,

We have released an updated version of 2.6 which you can download from:

All your applications will be upgraded into the new version, but just as a precaution we always advise to backup. You can do this simply by exporting your applications in the Applications view.

You will find that we have relaxed the import of a CSV file and you can map fields if they have different names.