Column cannot be null when importing data from csv

Trying to import data from CSV as shown in your demo video. Everything looks good until the actual import where I’m told that the second column cannot be null. What am I supposed to put in that empty field if there is no data for it?

Hi sbc,

Does the CSV that you are trying to import have no data in the second column? If this is the case and you have your field set to Required you won’t be able to import the CSV as this field will be required to have a value. To get around this, edit your table and turn the Required switch off. All records can then be imported and the empty column will be set to null if it has no value.

To edit your table follow the steps below.

  1. Select Data in the menu.
  2. Select Tables in the menu.
  3. Select your table record.
  4. Click the Fields tab.
  5. Select the field record.
  6. Click the Edit button in the form app bar.
  7. Click the Required switch so it is off.
  8. Click the Save button in the form app bar.
  9. Click the Save button in the form app bar above the list.
  10. Import your CSV.

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That’s what I eventually figured out.