Importing data from FileMaker


I’m getting this error when trying to import data in a table from CSV file (UTF-8) of FMP.
Included the CSV first line.

"24","M.","Denis","April","Denis April","Denis April","April Denis","Denis April","A","Photo","Entreprise Levisiennes","","","","","","","Décédé le 26 octobre 2014","(418) 831-4111","(418) 254-5808","Aucun","Aucun","215, rue Principale","","Saint-Étienne","Québec","G6J 1E8","Canada","Saint-Étienne, G6J 1E8","","","","Québec","","","","1980-01-01","Non membre","2014-09-28","","","",""

Something to do with empty field (“”)?

Thank you.


Am I able to get your table definition so we can test it here and ensure everything is going into the right fields, as I have already ensured it is a valid CSV.

Thanks, this would be helpful.

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We have done a few tests here and we believe you have 43 fields based on the data provided. Can you please ensure the following:

  1. When you import your csv file ensure you have the column names included prior to the data. Example:
    Field 1, Field 2, Field 3
    data1, data2, data3

  2. Make sure a comma prior to your data which comes after the primary key because on our investigation the primary key is not exported from FileMaker. We will generate your primary key on import. Please have a look at the following link to know how to generate the primary key field.

Import and Export CSV Files | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers

Your csv file should be similar to this:
PrimaryKey, Field 1, Field 2, Field 3
,data1, data2, data3

We used your data that you provided and imported into a ‘test’ table and we got it working. We used the following, however, you would need to change the column headers to your names.

The Bold is the column headers and then the data that you provided us with the extra comma.

,“24”,“M.”,“Denis”,“April”,“Denis April”,“Denis April”,“April Denis”,“Denis April”,“A”,“Photo”,“Entreprise Levisiennes”,“”,“”,“”,“”,“”,“”,“Décédé le 26 octobre 2014”,“(418) 831-4111”,“(418) 254-5808”,“Aucun”,“Aucun”,“215, rue Principale”,“”,“Saint-Étienne”,“Québec”,“G6J 1E8”,“Canada”,“Saint-Étienne, G6J 1E8”,“”,“”,“”,“Québec”,“”,“”,“",“1980-01-01”,"Non membre”,“2014-09-28”,“”,“”,“”,“”

Let me know if this works for you.