Data Mismatch when filling out form

Despite having a dropdown for the students, I am unable to save the form entry due to a mismatch error. I have fiddled with the form’s pages section but still am getting this error

Here is the dropdown of the field in question (or in this case, field in error)

Hi Adjective,

The issue here is that when you try to save the form, the Student’s Foreign Key does not match the primary keys. Did you create custom primary keys for your tables, or are you using the default ones generated by Five?

If you can send me the FDF of your application, I can have a look at it. You can email me directly at

These are the steps for exporting an application in Five: Export and Import FDF Files | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers

I am using the default ones generated by five. I also have emailed you the file

Hi Adjective,

The issue is that the primary keys in your Students Table are ID numbers, not the GUID primary keys typically generated by Five. For example, the primary key in your Students Table looks like this

Meanwhile, the primary keys for your Events Table are correct:

I assume that data was imported into the Students Table, including the primary keys, and this is likely causing the issue. To fix this, re-import the data, ensuring that primary keys are generated by Five, not imported. Also, be sure to check the box to replace all existing data

Let me know if this helps or not

OMG Thanks so much! It works!

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