Type mismatch error when trying to create a record with foreign keys

I have a simple database set up for managing an event: Participant, Event and Result with Result linking to a single Participant and a single event with foreign keys. All the keys are set as GUID and the primary keys are generated. When I try and create a result record I select the foreign keys from a dropdown (displaying as the first field after the key) and when I save the record it throws this error (screenshot). Is the issue to do with the fact what i’m selecting from the drop down is not the key?

Hi leocarr,

Apologies for the delayed response; I was trying to replicate all of your errors. Would it be possible for you to send me the FDF of your application where you are encountering these errors?
You can email it directly to me at pranoy@five.co.

Interestingly I fixed it…but I don’t know how. All I did was try a different display type for the foreign key. I changed from Lookup to LookupList which I realised I couldn’t used without defining the list so changed it back again to Lookup and then it was working. I have asked my students to let me know if they get the same error to see if I can fix it in the same way.

I am unable to export the file as Five quits unexpectedly when ever I try to do this (I am running on a mac). I am not sure if I have the latest version of Five. How can I check? I first downloaded and installed the application on 5/10/23 so based on the date of the latest software release blog from September I am guessing I have the latest version.

Hi leocarr, you can check the version by clicking on ‘File’ on the top and then ‘Debug’, it should give you a console where you can see your current version.

The latest version for the download should be 2.5.654