Locked out and can't reset | System Error: dial tcp: 0: connect: connection refused

Hi! Just got my brand-new account. Logged on once, updated my password, uploaded an application, created a public user.

Can’t logon as either the admin or the public user. Says it can’t authenticate and when I try to reset the password I get this.

Hi Dan

The Public user is only used for URLs, you won’t be able to use the Public user to log into your application. The reason we have this in place is so you can create a URL with an action in Five and provide this link to a user and they do not need to log into your application to see/use it.

The URL feature can be created in your local version, however, you can’t test it unless you are in the cloud.

In regard to your admin account, one of our developers is looking into it now for you to see what is happening, we will get back to you asap.

Hi Dan

We have reset your password back to the password I originally sent you so you can log in again. Five has a default admin user, could you please change the email to your email and reset the password here to your preferred password.

The issue with the Reset Password window is because you do not have any SMTP settings set up in Five.

You can set these settings in the Configuration view inside of Five, logged in as admin. The information below provides a brief overview of the SMTP fields.

Please note in our next version, you will not need to do this as Five will handle this.

SMTP Fields

SMTP Server - Host name of your email provider server.

SMTP Port - number of your email provider server.

SMTP Username - Username for your account.

SMTP Password - Password for your account.

SMTP From Name - Name for who the email originates from.

SMTP From Email - Email for who the email originates from.

Please use the following steps for setting the SMTP settings in your Five account.

Navigate to Configuration

  1. Click Configuration in the menu.

Add your SMTP Settings

Click on the Configuration record (New York).

Type your provider’s SMTP port number in the SMTP Port field.

Type your username in the Username field.

Type your password in the SMTP Password field.

Type the from name in the SMTP From Name field.

Type the from email in the SMTP From Email field.

Note: You will need to create the template for your reset email.

Click the Save button in the form app bar.

Let us know if this works

Thanks. Do you have a link then to instructions to how I setup logons within my application for my application users?

Also, do you have instructions for setting up google as my SMTP server? For example, do I need SSL or TLS port? And how do I test it without lockout out my account.

Hi Dan,

When you turn your application into a multiuser application, Five will automatically create the following:
• The iUser table
• The Users form
• The Users menu item

This is so when you run your application, the Users menu item is in the menu which will hold the Users form. Use this form to add users to your application. You will need to create your roles under the Setup menu for your application and then assign these on the Users form. Provide the User ID and the password to your users.

Using Google

To use Google Mail as your SMTP server, first create an application password for your google account. See : Sign in with app passwords - Gmail Help

In Five, setup the fields as follows:

Server : smtp.gmail.com

Port: 587

Username is the your gmail username, and password will be the Application password you created following the Google steps provided above.

For the SMTPFromUser and SMTPFromEmail, you can set these to whatever suites your requirement, but generally, the SMTPFromEmail is your email address, but you can change this too anything really like noreply@gmaill.com etc…

SMTPFromUser can be clear text, anything from your name, to a department etc.

Can the same application password be used for my environment and for my application? Or do I need a unique one for each?

I ask because I am able to reset when in the administration environment , but not from my application’s logon page when it is running within the instance (in DEV). The email never arrives and I don’t know how to test the email sending from within the app.

Hi Dan,

Can I verify what you mean by application password, I will for the rest of this reply assume you mean the admin password, but this could be incorrect?

The users in your application in your local version, when exported to an FDF file and uploaded into the cloud will be available in the DEV environment, with the same passwords as you are using locally. However, when you deploy into the Testing or Production environments, the users will not be copied across, as the databases in these two environments are totally seperated from both each other and the Dev environment due to security reasons etc.

After deploying to the Testing or Production environments, a default user admin will have been created for you, with a default password of admin, after which you will be prompted to change. Upon logging into both of these environments, you can then proceed to add users into these environments. If a user has the same username in all three environments, they can most certainly have the same password in all three environments.

I have also sent you an email on how to log back into your account.

Hope this helps.

Hi Jo-Anne,

I am referring only to the email configuration. There seem to be 2 places to enter these settings (1) in the environment administration areas and (2) within the application after I upload it.

(1) works for my admin account, but (2) doesn’t for my application accounts and I don’t know how to troubleshoot it.

Hi Dan,

I have sent you an email so we can organize a Zoom meeting with you so we can ensure we fully understand your issue correctly and get your email configurations sorted.