Cannot start the Five application

Hello, I upgraded to Five 2.6.1. Since my computer was away for reparation, I installed Five to my wife’s computer and entered my serial number. Now my computer is back and I also upgraded it to Five 2.6.1. When starting my app, after entering the Serial Number, i got the following error message "License validation failed. System Error : Licence has been transferred onto another machine.

From my wife’s computer, I uninstalled Five using the Windows Control Panel. Back to my computer, I still get the same error message. Impossible for me to use Five anymore on my machine. Of course, both computers are connected to the Internet. How can I transfer my serial number back to my own computer? Thank you.

Hi Jean,

Do you have a second email address? You can simply request a new serial number from Sign Up | Five

Alternatively, please wait for our technical team to look into this to reset your original serial number.



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Hi Jean,

I have sent an email to you so that we can get your original serial number reset.

Kind regards,

Ok received and done, thank you!