Field Types in Table

Hi, brand new to Five. Trying to create my first application.
For this question, I’m creating a Members table.

Sometimes I need a short list of choices for a field. For example, Gender. Only “m” and “f” are pertinent, although I could add “n” for non-binary. Or for a phone number I want to add a PhoneType field, which would have choices like “c”, “h” or “w” for cell, home and work.

Is this something I can do when setting up the table field itself, or is this more properly done in data validation using a script? Or when I create a form (I could have radio buttons if there is a relatively short list of choices for the field)?

If a script, could someone suggest an example script for either of the above situations?

Thanks for any help…

Hi RMittelman,

You could make your own display type to do this. I’ll demonstrate with your Gender field.

Select Setup in the menu, followed by Display Types in the sub-menu.

Click the Add Item button and give your display type a name and select Combo in the Display Type dropdown.

Scroll down until you get to the Field Data field and click in this field to open the editor.

Here you can add key value pairs. The key is what is stored in the database and the value is what will be displayed in the dropdown for your users. When finished click the Save button in the editor and the Save button on the Display Type form.

You can now attach this at the table-level or the form-level. It will appear in the Display Type dropdown for both tables and forms.

You could do it as a Radio or Horizontal Radio too, all you need to do is on the Display Type form select _Radio or _HorizontalRadio as your display type.

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Thanks Jo-Anne.
That worked like a charm, if I’m using Combo for the type. I can’t figure out how to do it with Radio or Radio Horizontal, because there is no Field Data item to select for those two types.

That’s great!

Thanks for letting me know the Field Data field is not there for a Radio or Radio Horizontal on the Display Type form, this has already been added for our next release. In the meantime if you want a Radio or Radio Horizontal display type you can make it on the form field. Please follow the instructions below.

Go to the Forms view under the Visual menu and select your form record.

Navigate down to the form field level. You do this by clicking the Pages tab, selecting your page record, clicking the Fields tab, if your field is already there select your field record otherwise click the Add Fields button and add your field.

In the Display Type field select Radio or Radio Horizontal and you will have the Field Data field here, like in the image below.

Hi RMittleman,

We have updated our Version 2.6 and you can download this from:

All your applications will be upgraded into the new version, but just as a precaution we always advise to backup. You can do this simply by exporting your applications in the Applications view.

The Field Data field is now available on the Display Types form when selecting Radio or Radio Horizontal.