Two questions about the list displayed

Hello all,
In the list of items “included in List”
1- Is it possible to order using two columns, descendant, and this by default ?
2- Can I format a field using the format Display Types used in the Form itself?
In my case, I want the Time “hh:mm” as formatted in the Form.


Hi Jean

  1. Currently it’s not possible to set a sorting order by default, However, you can sort the order within the end-user application by clicking on the arrow icon next to the caption for each list item.

  2. Yes you can format the display types by creating your own custom display type and specifying your format in the mask.

    a. Click on ‘Setup’ → ‘Display Types’, this is where you can define custom display.
    b. Click on the + button to create a new display type. Give it a name, and in the ‘Display Type’ dropdown, select 'Time ’ since you aim to create a formatted display for time

    c. Make any other changes necessary, then scroll down till you see “Mask”, this is where you can specify your format, so in your case, it would hh:mm

Make sure to save this display type after adding the changes. Then, simply use this display type in the required form field where you want the formatting applied.

Let me know if this helps

Hello Pranoy. Thank you for your answers.

  1. Ok, would be a nice improvement in the future…
  2. I actually created a custom display type. However, the display type does not seem to be applied in the list. Did I miss something? The Data Type in the table is “Time”.

Hi Jean,

regarding point (2), I have passed this on to our team to see why this is happening. We’re currently investigating the issue. If it is a bug (it looks this way, as it appears you’ve done everything right), it will be fixed in our next release!



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