Default Caption Not Visible When Default Display Type Set To Document Uploader

Hello Team Five,

I have a field of Date Type Binary that has it’s Default Display Type set to Document Uploader.

I have set the Default Caption, however when running the application no caption is displayed making it more difficult for end users to understand the purpose of the upload field (especially when there are multiple fields with the Default Display Type set to Document Uploader.

Screen captures:

I explored Setup > Display Types however am unsure if there are any settings that control the display of the Default Caption.

Please advise how I might display the Default Caption when used with Default Display Type set to Document Uploader.

Thank you.

Kind regards, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Apologies for the delay in the response, we have fixed this error in the newer version which is available to download right now.

Alternatively, you can also use labels in Five as well for example:
I have this field with a display type of Label here:

These are the fields of my process,

Thank you @Pranoy,

BTW. Great presentation today! Thank you.

I’m now using 2.5 - it has some great improvements.

Kind regards, Andrew

Thanks a lot, Andrew!
glad to hear that you liked the webinar and our new version, 2.5

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