How to Store Document like Pdf in five?

Similar to how in the book club example. I want to collect pdf documents from candidates for my mini job portal. It is possible to do this in five ?

Hi Pratik,

Yes you can collect pdf documents from your candidates by using our display type called Document Uploader.

At the table level you need to create a field in a table with the following definitions:

  • Data Type: Binary

  • Data Size: 16777215

  • Default Display Type: Document Uploader

Now make a form using this table. If you are using the Form Wizard, Five will create the menu item for your form automatically. Five will bring all the definitions set at the table-level to the form-level. Below is an image of how your field should look at the form-level using the Form Wizard.

Run your application and select the menu item holding the form you just created. Click the Upload Document button and navigate your files and open the required PDF file.

Once the record is saved the Download button will become available in the field for you to download the PDF.

Please refer to the video below for a full demonstration.

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Thank you so much for such a detailed answer :blush: . This is very helpful

Can’t seem to find DocumentUploader ? Do i have to update five ?

Hi pratik,

Sorry pratik, the version you have clearly does not have it. However, if you follow the steps below you can easily make it available in your version!

  1. Select Setup in the menu.

  2. Select Display Types in the sub-menu.

  1. Click the Add Item button.

  2. Type DocumentUploader in the Name field.

  3. Click the lookup icon in the Display type field and select Custom Field.

  1. Download the plugin archive from the following location.

  1. At the bottom of the Display Type form, click the Upload Plugin button.

  1. Click the Save button in the form app bar.

The DocumentUploader display type will now be available in the Form Wizard when you click the icon in the Display Type field.

Alternatively, if you have already saved your field.

  1. Select your form record.

  2. Click the Pages tab.

  3. Select your page record holding the field.

  4. Click the Fields tab.

  5. Select the field record.

  6. Click the lookup in the Display Type field and the DocumentUploader will be available here.