Generating a PDF Report


I currently have a non-Five workflow where I generate then email .pdf reports by running a select query on say an ‘agents’ table, then passing each ‘agent’ as a parameter to a second select query that queries a ‘sales transactions’ table, saving a view of the data as a .pdf report, then emailing each agent their .pdf statement.

I understand I can store .pdf’s as type binary in the database, and that I can attach or include a link to the .pdf in a mail merge.

Is there a way to generate the .pdf files from a query or view in Five?

Thank you.

Hi Andrew,

Generating PDF reports is a highly sought-after feature, and it will be included in our upcoming version release

In the meantime, you can leverage third-party PDF generation APIs, like, By integrating them through functions, you can produce download links to include in your mail merge.

Hello @Pranoy, I believe that would work well and also provide a high quality .pdf publishing solution. Thank you!