Get pdf from network drive

May I ask if I have some network drive links, how can i access them to get the pdf files into my five application? Thanks.

Hi Applemint,
May I inquire where you intend to import the PDF? Are you doing this through code or via an end-user application? You can readily import your PDF using the ‘document uploader’ display feature in your end-user application.

As shown in the image above, after clicking the upload button on the document uploader, a dialogue box should appear, allowing you to import PDFs from your network drive.
Please follow these detailed steps as a guide that have been provided in a previous answer
How to Store Document like Pdf in five? - How do I? - Five Community Forums

Thanks for the reply and sorry for the confusion.

To clarify, in five, i used a query to obtain some network drive links. Next, i want to get those pdfs into my application then use mail merge to send the pdfs out as attachments.
so on each run the pdfs i need to obtain are different and may i ask do i need a table to store the files or i can directly send them as email attachment without storing them in tables.

Thanks a lot!

excuse me, may i ask is there any follow up on this problem?

i notice that there is a get() function for httpClient from the documentation. Is it possible to use it to fetch a pdf from the network drive using this function?

Hi applemint,

Apologies for the delay in response. Unfortunately, we do not natively support network drive links at this stage. However, you can upload PDFs directly into Five as a document

You can utilize the get() function to fetch the PDF, but it would need to be stored in a table with a Binary data type. As previously mentioned, detailed steps for storing PDFs in a table can be found in the link provided earlier

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