Can I change the look of my application

I have my application almost complete from a functional point, however, I would like to customise the look so it has my company colours and logos, how can I achieve this?

Hi codeit,

here’s how you change what your application looks like.

I’ll give you a high-level overview first:

  1. Create a Theme in the theme editor,
  2. Apply the theme to your application Instance, and
  3. Upload logos to your application Instance.

Check out this video to learn more:

Here are the detailed steps.

  1. Creating a Theme
  • Click on Themes inside your application management
  • Click on the yellow Plus button for creating a new theme
  • Give your theme a name
  • Click on “Click to edit theme
  • You now have two options to create your application theme: a visual point-and-click theme editor, or the full code, CSS editor

Once you are happy with your theme, it’s time to move on to step 2: applying the theme to your application.

  1. Applying a theme and logos to your Instance
  • Click on Instances
  • Select the Instance that you want to apply your theme to. If you only have one application instance, this will be the Default instance
  • Click on the Theme dropdown
  • Select your theme
  • Right below the theme dropdown, you will also find the Logo and Small Logo fields. This is where you can upload image files which will be used as your application logo.

Done. :white_check_mark:

PS: there are a few other ways to change what your application looks like. For example,

  • you can give your menu items unique icons in Menus, or
  • you can change the Complete, Cancel and Edit icons for each one of your Forms, and
  • you can even add new Application Buttons to your application.