How do I import templates?


I’ve downloaded one of your templates from your use cases: Use Cases | Five

How can I import and see this template in Five?

Hi @TheMaskedDev,

here’s how to import and launch your application:

  1. Download the FDF file from our website (think of an FDF file as your application. FDF stands for Five Definition File, and it contains everything that Five needs to know about an application).

  2. Follow this video to import the FDF file: How to Import an Application | Low-Code For Real Developers | Five.Co - YouTube

  3. Once imported, click on Manage.

  1. Now, click on Setup > Instances.

  1. Click on your Default instance, and then on the Cloud icon in the top right, as shown here:

  1. This is the screen that you will see now. To deploy your application into development click on the button shown here:

  2. Your first deployment will take a few seconds. Once deployed successfully, your screen will look like this.

  1. Click the Run :arrow_forward: button to launch and preview your application in your browser.