Update Application without losing Data

I uploaded my first application, entered some data, then notices a mistake.

I jumped into the desktop App to fix it. How do I reupload the application without losing my data? It said I need to delete the application to re-upload it.

Feel free to point me at instructions. I did a search, but didn’t find them

Hi Dan.
Was the data entered in the production environment, testing or the development environment on the cloud? The testing and production data will not be affected by a new upload of the application.
Where did you get the message stating you needed to delete the application first? The process is a one way system as far as you do the development on the standalone version and then export the FDF to upload on the cloud. You should then push your application through testing and then production on the cloud and that is where you enter the data. If you want to take a copy of the data from the production environment, you need to stop the environment and then press the backup button.
Would a zoom session help to run through this?
Best regards

Hi Mark. Thanks so much for the offer. This was early days and I understand a little better now and things seem to be moving along. Part of what you are dealing with is me ramping up!

Re: the message. I didn’t realize it was an unexpected message, so if I see it again I will screenshot and share.