Five crashes when I click the export button for an application. Alternatives for exporting?

I am trying to export an application, but Five crashes as soon as I click the button. ( MacBook Air, M1 ) I tried rebooting the computer, but no effect. I tried reinstalling, importing an application and then exporting. That worked.

In the process, I lost all the applications that were in the first installation. Where are these stored and is there an easy way to save them before reinstalling Five?

If I cannot export a file because of a crash, is there a way to deploy an application from Five’s desktop application into the cloud?

Hi Frank,

Five installation will try if it can to backup an existing installation into the /tmp/ folder on your Mac, so you may be able to get your applications back, we can do a zoom and see if we can rescue them if possible.

No, you can’t deploy an application into the cloud from the desktop version.

Please let me know if you want to organize a zoom meeting so we can help you.

Hi Jo-Anne,

Thank you for that. Can I take a raincheck on your offer for if the time comes again in the future?



Hi Frank,

Of course you can, just let us know if you need any additional help.