SEARCH on the form seems to ignore fields populated via lookup

The built-in SEARCH on top of the form seems to ignore in the List of records the values in fields populated via lookup to another table. In other words it doesn’t find the record despite the search values are there. Once a fields is populted is seems reasonable and useful that the SEARCH function should treat that field as any other.
Thanks for your help

Hi @bernie

The search function works as long as those lookup fields are included in the list, For example, I have an app here with two lookups referencing two different tables:

and you can see the search function works for this case:

You need to include the items in the list displayed below the search bar in your form. You can do this by:

  1. Navigation to ‘Visuals’ → ‘Forms
  2. Here click on the desired form, and then select ‘Pages’ and then double-click on ‘General
  3. Now you are inside the general page of your form, from here you can click on the 'Fields tab which will reveal all the fields that are displayed on your form
  4. If you click on any field here it will open up its details and from here you can simply select the ‘Include In List’ option

This will display the items in your form list and the search bar should be able to pick it up.

Let me know if this works or not for you

thank you - I believe I got it