Optional fields are required once displayed in a Form

Hello, I have two cases where optional fields become required once there are displayed in a Form. Empty values are refused.
1- Email
I have a field “Email” which Data Type is text and Required is false.
On the Form side, the Display = _Email.
When the user edits another field and leave empty the Email field, there is an error message “Invalid email address”.
Is there a way to leave the Email field empty when the Display = _Email ?

2- Picture
This issue occurs also for a _Picture field, but the error message seems to be randomely displayed.
I have a two fields for picture. Both are Binary Data Type, required = false, and on the Form side, Display Type is _Picture.

The user wants to edit a text field and leave the picture fields empty, but there is an error message “Data integrity check - data.type mismatch. Field (Signature) has invalid value. Binar types must be encoded as a data url. email address”.

Same question: How to leave the picture field empty when the Display = _Picture ?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jean,

thanks for the question! We’re looking into this. Seems like something is going wrong with the validation on these fields.

For the picture fields, could you confirm that if you upload a picture into your Signature and Logo fields, the fields are working correctly and the form can be saved?

Same for email: if a valid email address is entered, does the field work as expected and the form can be saved?



Hi Dom,

Yes the pictures field work fine when I upload a picture. The workaround when the picture field is empty and I have the error message is to click on the garbage can until the field is surrounded by a light blue color, then I can save an empty picture field.

Yes also, the email field works fine with a valid email address. The workaround is to create my own custom Display Type using a Regular Expression. With this, the empty field is accepted.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Jean, we are currently looking into this and will be providing an update very soon, would you like me to email you when we do this?

Hello Jo-Anne. Yes please, when done an email would be appreciated. Thanks.

I certainly will, thanks Jean.

Hi Jean,

I have sent you an email with details about the upgrade.

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