How to add an image field in my table

I need an image field such as displayed in the use cases (Use Cases | Five) “Content Management System”. I could dig up in this template to find out but unfortunately it cannot be downloaded. Found nothing in documentation either.
Can somebody explain me how to do this? Thanks!

Hi Jean,

That application has been removed from the documentation due to it being updated to suit Version 2.6

At the table-level give your field a data type of Binary and a display type of _Picture. Normally a size of 8000000 (8MB) would be sufficient, however, if you have a large image add the size you require.

When you get to the form-level, if you want your image in the list, like in the image you attached, be sure to make the form field included in the list.

Hi Jo-Anne,
Great! And I notice that the _Picture field in the Form already provides the file chooser in order to select the image on the disk. Thanks you!