How to make card display types with some information inside?


I am trying to include a few card type displays in a dashboard. I am not sure how to make these card displays. I wish to have some text and values inside the card. In my e-commerce platform I am creating for example, I want to have 1 card in Red color saying “Out-of-Stock” and showing a number as well that I will calculate using the SQL query. Basically, it will say something like:
Out-of-Stock: 5.
How should I achieve this?

P.S. Image attached is not representative of what my application looks, I just wish to make similar cards but smaller ones to achieve my goal.

Hi Abu_Bakr_Siddique,

check out our docs Overview | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers to understand how to add cards to your application.

My recommendation: download the Recipe App first and import it into Five. Then look at the steps to understand how to build this.

The download is available here: Extra Resources | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers