How to hide the title for Dashboard action

I want to hide the title field for Dashboard action, is there any way I can do that?

Like in the above image the action title is not visible in the first row.

Hi Shweta,

you can hide any title field inside Five. You can start by:

  1. navigating to the “Dashboard” menu inside “Visuals”

  2. Select the dashboard that you want to edit

  3. Look for a field labeled “Show Title If” (which utilizes simple if/else logic). In this field, you can enter the value ‘false’ to hide the title.

Hello Pranoy,

This will hide the main Title, in the image, it will be Position, I want to know how can I hide Schedule Allocation, and car position title.

I tried adding false and that didn’t work

Hi Shweta,

If I understand the issue correctly you want to hide the title for the two queries you have shown in your dashboard. If this is correct you can go into each query and you will see there is a Show Title If field which you can set to false.

Hope this helps.


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