Hide a Sub-Form Page by Parameter

I have a boolean field in a table and its associated form, called “IsOverseenByPresident”. I also have a field in the same table and form called “OverseenByPresident”. This is a lookup field. In this field’s Display tab, there is a field called “ShowIf”, whose formula is “=five.field.IsOverseenByPresident”

This works perfectly, and the lookup field appears and disappears when I toggle the boolean field on the form.

Is there any way to make this logic work with regard to displaying a form page? I can’t find a Display tab anywhere in that area. If you could point me where to find this, it would be very helpful. The General tab has a boolean field called “AskGroups”. If this is switched to false, I would like to not even see the “Study Groups” page for this form. Is this possible? Thanks…

I was advised by Jason that this feature was already envisioned, as there is a ShowIF field for pages, but it had not yet been implemented. He was going to activate that feature on the beta version of the application. Can you advise whether this has been done yet? Thanks…

Hi Ron, this feature will be part of our next release, which we’re currently getting ready for release. We will keep you posted once it’s available! It’s currently not supported in the versions you have access to.

Thanks. I guess I misunderstood the environment I am working in. I thought if I have a developer account as a beta tester, I’d have access to new features before they are released to production. Is that not the case?


Ron Mittelman

Hi Ron, correct, you’re on a beta version, but not all versions produced by our development team get automatically pushed to your beta version, as we first test internally.