Chart wizard issue

I created a simple query that returns data as shown in the attached picture. However, in the chart wizard, the Chart Area Dataset's X Value Column and Y Value Column return No Options. What am I doing wrongly?
My desired result is X Value Column = Counter.Status while the Y Value Column = Counter.StatusCount

Hi Jaymeeu,

I can see that you have the results from your query below the chart, I’m wondering if you clicked the lookup icon in the X Value Column field before the results populated at the bottom of the screen.

Could you please try this again but this time once you have selected the query could you wait for the results of the query to be displayed in the bottom of the screen and once the results are visible then click the lookup icon in the X Value Column field?

Hi Jo-Anne, I followed your instructions, but it still doesn’t work.
X Value Column and Y Value Column return No Options .

Hi Jaymeeu,

could you check the following:

  1. Go to your Query by clicking on Visual > Queries > TaskReportQuery
  2. Now click on Fields.
  3. Can you see the two fields Counter.Status and Counter.StatusCount in the list of fields?

As an example, this is what it should look like (if your query has more than two fields, they all should be listed there):

If you cannot see the fields of your query, make sure to add them first, before building your chart:

  1. Click on the Plus icon to the right of Display Type to open up this interface:

  2. Select a field in the Field ID dropdown menu. Fill in the Caption.

  3. Repeat for all fields of your query.

  4. Save by clicking the Tick mark.
    FYI: Usually Five automatically add your fields here, but you have to check once before saving a query.

Now one last really important thing: you may find that when you select the Field ID dropdown, some of the choices are called Undefined. This happens when you work with SQL aggregates such as COUNT. You have to ensure you give them an Alias in your SQL query first.

For example, if your query looks like this make sure to add an AS to your COUNT field: