Update chart based on filter applied to query

I want to update chart data based on the filter used for the query. Is it possible to do that?

I have the query and chart displayed side by side, so on using a filter for the query I want to update the chart too which is based on that query.
By filter I mean the options available

Hi Shweta,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately the two are not linked so any query filters you apply on the client side will not change the chart at this time.

Five does handle live queries and if you had parameters on the queries the chart would update when those parameters change. A common way to do this is to use five variables which can be set using five.setVariable(). The chart and the query would then be refreshed by calling five.refreshTable() on any table involved in the query. In order for this to work you need to have live turned on for the query.

I do like the suggestion though and we will look at making the filter options apply to other elements linked to the same query in a future version.

Hope this helps.


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