Where is the Book Club tutorial?


I have just started to do the Book Club tutorial but I can only find the Create Database part. Can you please show me where I can find the rest of the tutorial?

This is where I have found the Book Club tutorial:
Create the Database Structure | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers

Kind Regards,


Hi Lars,

The Book Club application has been built in Five and the documentation is just starting to be added in the online documentation.

Please continue to look at the documentation for the Book Club application, as I am now getting in the documentation for it and it will cover a lot of features in Five. I will update the online help for you at the end of each day to ensure you can continue your Five learning journey.

Introduction | Five | Low-Code For Real Developers

Thanks a lot, Jo-Anne. Looking forward to dig into the more features of Five.

Thanks for being patient Lars, and please continue to check our online help as I’m endeavouring to update the Book Club application documentation each day.