Getting Started Guide - instructions completely inaccurate

So wishing to start from the beginning, opened the Getting Started Guide and trying to follow the instructions.
The guide does not relate to the program menu options, so how is a newbie meant to find out how FIVE works.
This really is very poor.
Is there an updated i.e. correct version of the Getting Started instructions available?

Hi Chris,

there’s a seven-step YouTube video tutorial that you can follow here:

Creating A Membership App | Step 1: Database Tables | Five.Co - YouTube


That U-Tube video is appalling;-

  • The quality of the video is very poor
  • The diction of the commentator is very poor
  • The example he is trying to talk about is not completed, and then erased, so the whole video is about building a table with 4 fields and showing that FIVE can automatically generate a primary key – hardly amazing. This can be done in access, just as quick and with better support.

Nobody can really learn how FIVE is meant o work to enable a developer to build a relational database and check and if necessary, correct the keys that are auto generated.

This has to be one of the worse adverts for a program that I have seen in a long time.

Do you actually have any real-life companies that use this software?



Hi Chris,

the video is part of a YouTube playlist that takes you through the steps of building an app in Five, which I’d encourage you to watch from video 1 through to video 7. I have also emailed you separately to connect with you one-on-one in case you’d like to discuss your use case with us in more detail.