Make part of my application public (without login), and another part protected by login

I have built an application and switched it over to multi-user. Every user is prompted to log in with their own credentials now. So far, so good.

However, I need part of my application to be available to external users who don’t have a login, and who are not supposed to have a login. Basically, I need this interface to be exposed to the public.

Is there a way for me to build this?

Hi there,

there is indeed a way for you to build this, and to build it quickly. You’ve done the first step right by creating a multi-user application and there’s no need to change anything here.

The feature that you are looking for is URLs inside the Five development environment.

I will give you the example of making a form publicly available to anyone using a custom URL. Simply follow these steps:

  1. I assume that you have already built a form that you want to be publicly available.
  2. Go to URLs, and click on the yellow Plus button (“Add Item”)
  3. You will see three fields: URL, Action and Theme.
  4. URL is required. Whatever you fill into this field will go behind the existing URL of your application, and will define the URL that your end-users will browse to.
  • My application is accessible (with a login) at
  • I put “form” into URL
  • My public form will now be accessible at
  1. Next select the Action that you want to be public: this can be a form, a query, a dashboard, chart, process, …
  2. Selecting a Theme is optional. The theme you select here will be applied to the action that you’ve selected in Step 5.

Once you’ve saved your URL and its associated action, you can simply share this URL with those users that are supposed to submit (or view) information without a login.

Done. :white_check_mark:

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