Customising the "Down" button

If I have a menu underneath another menu then I get a “Down” button on the right of the toolbar that looks like a down arrow.

Is there any way to customise either the text or the icon?

Hi BillyThe Kid,

You can customize the Down button several ways.

  1. Customize both the caption and the icon. The caption will appear as a tooltip when hovering your mouse on the icon.

  2. Customize just the caption. The name of the caption will be shown.

  3. Customize just the icon. The icon will be shown and when hovering your mouse on the icon, Down will be shown.

The video below gives you a demonstration on how to customize the Down button.

Steps to Customize the Down Button

  1. Select Menus in the menu.

  2. Select the menu record. (This menu item needs to be a parent for at least one other menu item.)

  3. Click in the Drill Down Caption field and type a caption for the button.

  4. Click the Edit button in the Drill Down Icon field, navigate your files and open an image file.

  5. Click the Save button in the form app bar.

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