Custom notifications?

I notice there’s a notification bell icon on the top right of my app, is there any way to send a notification to a user?

Hi BillyThe Kid,

Yes, you can send a notification either through a function or a process. The notification will be available in the Bell once sent. The function needs to be attached to a Do Event as they are executed on the server.

You can send a notification to the current logged in user. The following video demonstrates when a sales member is logged into the application and saves the details for a customer via a form. Once submitted the sales member then receives a notification reminding them to make a follow up call with the customer just entered into the system.

You can also send a notification to another user logged into the system by querying Five’s iUser table and getting the iUserKey for whom the message is to be sent to. Notifications are cached in the event the user is not logged in. The following video demonstrates when a sales member submits a new part into the system, the Parts Manager is then sent a notification to make them aware of this.

Steps to Create a Notification

  1. Select Functions in the menu.

  2. Type an ID in the Function field.

  3. Click the lookup icon in the Language field and select a language.

  4. Click in the Code Field to open Five’s Code Editor.

  5. Type your code using Five’s sendNotification().

  6. Click the Save button in the Code Editor.

  7. Click the Save button in the form app bar.

Remember to attach the Function to a Do Event in Five.