How to refer to currently logged in user data in one of the form fields?

I am currently logged in as one of the users and have some custom fields in my user entry (say organization name). Now I’m adding new members to this organization (from the currently logged in user itself) using a form without showing the organization field to the user (or we can show it as Read only). How do I auto populate the value of this field from the logged in user entry?

Hopefully my query makes sense.


Hi Rajeev.

I am not sure I totally understand what you want to do but let me try and help.

As I understand it you want to access the currenty user details. The key for the current user is available as five.currentUserKey(). Using this key you could query the iUser table and get any other information you require. Remember that queries can only be executed on the back end.

Hopefully this helps but let me know if I misread your query or you need more information.