How to open an URL from a field value

Just trying to load up an URL contained in a field into a browser page. I’m assuming I could just do this with a JavaScript, but wondered if there are any built-in operation…such as adding a button in the form (next to the field with the URL) or create an event when the field is double-clicked perhaps.

Hi BabaJahi,

You can add buttons to your forms and create events (through JavaScript) for them so that when the button is clicked, it opens the URL on a new page.

When you access one of your forms, there will be a tab labeled “Pages.” Click on “General” in this tab.

Inside the General page, click on “Fields” and then the “Add Fields” button (indicated by a ‘+’ icon).

From this menu you can add additional fields to your forms, you can add a button by selecting _Button in the Display Type

and now you can attach a function to this button by clicking on the ‘events’ tab and then selecting the “On Click” event

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions

Thank you for the support. Five’s interface (APIs) were also useful. Specifically, being able to access the value of a field (in my case one containing the URL for a webpage). In its simplest form, the JavaScript code to open a web page, is:

function OpenMyURL(five, context, result) {

var anURLAddress = five.field.Website;;
return five.success(result);


Be sure to name the function, and Five’s field attribute to access the value from a field (in my case it’s named “Website”).

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