How do I let users register/sign up and choose their user role?

Hi, I am using the Book Club Application for reference. In the example, the Administrator role is the one who logs in new users into the application. So there is only a Member Role or an Administrator role it seems.
I am trying to design an e-commerce platform that will let users register themselves and choose between the role of - Seller or Customer. Therefore, allowing different pages to be displayed for the 2 roles and different functionalities that will be available for the roles - I believe this can be set up using the Menus. However, I find it a bit difficult to understand how I will be achieving such by filling in the fields in the “Roles” sub-menu from the “Setup”.

Can you please advise on how to achieve these role-based functionalities?

P.S. I was thinking of having tables for Customers and Sellers with a (1)to(many) relationship between the iUser table and the Customer and Seller tables - so their information could be derived from the iUser table. But again I am not sure how the information between these tables will be communicated.

Hi Abu_Bakr_Siddique,

In regards to showing a page before the Sign In page, we don’t support this when working locally on our free version. However, in our Cloud version you could provide a public URL link which you can create in our URLs view. But, as I said, this is currently a paid feature.

Now let’s get to your other question on having two roles: Sellers and Customer. I will explain to you how you can create these two roles and how the menus that are visible to each role are different.

Creating a new menu called “Seller”

  1. Inside Five, go to Visual > Menus
  2. Click on the yellow Plus icon
  3. Write Seller as a Caption. Put 100 as Menu Order. Leave everything else as is and Save by clicking the tick mark.
  4. Now make this newly-created Seller menu the parent menu for all your menus that only sellers are supposed to see. To do so, click on each of your existing menus that are only for sellers, and select Seller in the Parent Menu dropdown.

Creating a User Role for Sellers
5. Next, go to Setup > Roles
6. Click on the yellow Plus icon
7. Write Seller as Name.
8. IMPORTANT: Select Seller as Menu.
9. Save by clicking the tick mark.

Launch Your Application to check out your Seller Menu and Seller Role
10. Launch your application and login with your admin account.
11. Click on Users, and create a new user. Give any name, email, etc…
12. IMPORTANT: Give the new users the Role of Seller.
13. Login with this newly created user account.

This user will now only see the menu items that you have put under the Seller menu! Repeat the same steps for your buyers.

I hope this helps!