Having Issue Using Join Table

I am trying to have a many-to-many relationship using a join table. The purpose is when setting up a report I can identify which Study Groups should get that report by default.

I’ve added the ReportGroups join table containing fields for the ReportKey and StudyGroupKey among others. I added a form for this table, and added a new page to the SetupReports form for a list of Study Groups. So far so good.

But something is going wrong in the application. When I pick the report and go to the Study Groups page and try to add a group, nothing appears in the drop-down list of Study Groups. I’ve had this issue before. I know I’m missing something simple. What’s missing that I can’t add a group to the report?

BrandeisConejo-20240506-2019340805296.fdf (4.5 MB)

Hi Ron,

For your Study Group Key field on your Report Groups form, you don’t have a referenced form, you need to add StudyGroups here and then your lookup will work.

Thanks Jo-Anne! I figured that out also.