Data Filter in a Form doesn't work with my global variable


In my Form, the following filter return no records
Horodateur.AdjointKey = '{{five.variable.adjKey)}'

but does return the expected record when I replace the variable by a given Key
Horodateur.AdjointKey= "29380047-10b6-40d7-86d9-1ad157dc8c3e"

Do you think I have a syntax error in my filter?
My variable name is ok since it is initialized as is in a function
five.setVariable('adjKey', queryResults.values[0].AdjointKey)
and is used with the expected result in different queries.


Hi @JeanXXIV

In your Data Filter Horodateur.AdjointKey = '{{five.variable.adjKey)} you have a wrong enclosing bracket after adjKey currently its ‘)’ you need to replace that with a curly bracket ‘}’
so it should look like this: Horodateur.AdjointKey = '{{five.variable.adjKey}}

Let me know if this helps or not

Oh! code 18, shame on me :frowning:
Thank you Pranoy!