Add field to form page list

Hi f.i.Sciences,

Follow the steps below to include your Last Name field in the list.

Because you are working with a many-to-many relationship, you may find this link helpful, there is also a sample StudyGroups.fdf that you can download and import and is using a many-to-many relationship.

  1. Select Visual in the menu.

  2. Select Forms in the sub-menu. (All your form records will be listed here, I am not sure if you originally added your forms through the Form Wizard or if you added them here, so just letting you know where your form records are after saving them through the Form Wizard.)

  1. Select your form record in the list.

  2. Click the Pages tab.

  1. Select your page record holding your field.

  1. Click the Fields tab.

  1. Select your field record.

  1. Click the Include in list switch.

  1. Click the Save buttons in the form app bars.

I hope this helps your development in Five!